Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale on Art Classes and Supplies

My Love Affair with Willowing Art Classes continues into Lifebook 2018 and now Tamara Laport is offering a Black Friday sale for ALL her classes! What? Willowing Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale Codes to Use while Shopping:  50% off Self Study Courses use: yay50 20% off Original Art: artsy20 20% off Physical Art Products: artsy20 10% off all Limited Edition Giclee Prints: giclee10 (All discount codes CAN be combined!)   50% off self-study classes does NOT apply to 'live classes' … Read More →

How to Use Stencils in Mixed Media Art

Stencils have always intimidated me, probably because the decor fad of the 80's when I bought my first home was to stencil things on your walls, and they had to look perfect! I tried them a few times and they were always crooked or not filled in all the way, or the edges looked too smudgy, just not the look but in mixed media, smudgy, crooked, imperfect perfection is the goal. I think I belong to a large club of art supply collectors who don't necessarily USE all the lovely things we buy. … Read More →

Micki Wilde – Artist and Teacher

Micki Wilde's "Paint Happy" class was one of the first online classes I tried and fell in love with the entire concept of online art classes. She's fun and funny to watch and listen to and makes you feel like whatever you are going to do next with your art with be OK! One of the favorite things to come out of the US election this year was that I had to get away from all the negative fighting banter that was happening on social media so one of my tactics was to start befriending and following … Read More →