Jane Davenport Mixed Media Teacher & Artist

Jane Davenport is probably the most famous to me for her mixed media beautiful whimsical ladies. Just as I discovered her book "Beautiful Faces," she launched an entire line of mixed media art supplies exclusively for Michael's including washi tape, art journals, acrylic and watercolor paint, magical mermaid markers and so much more. I am really enjoying working through this book. Just get a pencil and a journal and by the end of the book, you'll be drawing faces and figures that at least … Read More →

Life Book Art Journaling Mixed Media Course

Getting back into art as an adult is all due to the adult coloring book trend for me. I had given it all up and had been concentrating on the serious things in life. Getting back to my creative side has, however, made all the parts of my life better. The more art supplies I bought to color with, the more I wanted to play with my other art supplies that I'd tucked away. The more I played with color, the more I wanted to create and grow and learn and be able to call myself an artist too. Enter … Read More →

How to Use Stencils in Mixed Media Art

Stencils have always intimidated me, probably because the decor fad of the 80's when I bought my first home was to stencil things on your walls, and they had to look perfect! I tried them a few times and they were always crooked or not filled in all the way, or the edges looked too smudgy, just not the look but in mixed media, smudgy, crooked, imperfect perfection is the goal. I think I belong to a large club of art supply collectors who don't necessarily USE all the lovely things we buy. … Read More →